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EFT Tapping Training in Ireland - Course Details

| Introduction to EFT with Positive EFT (Level 1) |
| EFT Master Practitioner Training Course |
| Master Practitioner with Positive EFT Practitioner Course

| EFT Tapping Circle Meetup in Tralee, Co Kerry
| Online EFT Peer Support and Practitioner Mentoring

Introduction to EFT with Positive EFT (Level 1 beginners)

Learn and practice the basic techniques of EFT tapping to reduce daily stress
and increase your positive energy and enthusiasm for life!

This is a fun, practical and educational one-day course where you will feel changes happen and experience the power of EFT Tapping first hand. Learn about energy flow, your energy body and how it influences your daily experience of life. Plenty of hands-on practice and demonstrations will ensure you feel confident using EFT to dissolve stress and increase your positive energy and vitality by the end of the course workshop.

Everyone is welcome to attend this workshop - the general public, anyone with an interest in self-help techniques, health care practitioners and also therapists going on to do the EFT Practitioner Training. This training teaches you the EFT basics to practice on yourself, friends and family, helping you to gain confidence in its use. In the workshop you will have the opportunity to participate in group EFT sessions, practice individual sessions with a partner and watch demonstrations with a volunteer.

Each workshop participant receives a printed copy of the handbook Positive EFT, a printed SUE scale, worksheets, Attendance Certificate, internet links for further reading and other useful EFT resources. The investment for the Introduction to EFT with Positive EFT training course is €100 including all materials and resources.
              Free copy of Positive EFT by Silvia Hartmann    Back cover of Positive EFT book by Silvia Hartmann    Free laminated SUE Scale on EFT course
Receive a free copy of the Positive EFT book and a laminated SUE Scale on the Introduction to EFT with Positive EFT training course.

    In this one-day workshop you will learn:
  • How much better you can feel, and how quickly that can happen;
  • How to use Positive EFT to change your mind and think new thoughts;
  • A basic understanding of the human energy system:
  • How to dissolve away stress in the energy system in minutes using a simple Energy EFT technique;
  • How you can convert problems into solutions and learn a whole new way of thinking as you do;
  • How you can use Positive EFT for goal setting and future success;
  • How you can manage your own energy levels easily and powerfully at any time you choose.
  • Receive an Attendance Certificate from The A.M.T. (UK and Ireland) - The Association of Meridian Therapies
    As a Practitioner, you will gain the above PLUS:
  • How to change your thinking from looking for problems and “roots” to finding solutions;
  • How to encourage people up the positive wing of the SUE scale and get much faster, more powerful Healing Events in your Energy EFT sessions;
  • How you can use “the power of the positives” to prepare clients better for working with trauma;
  • How you can use positives with past aspects and future aspects to heal the energy system;
  • How to use positives with children, groups, families, teams;
  • How to advise clients on why and how to use Positive EFT daily to support the work you do together in session;
  • How you can use Positive EFT as a starting point and introduction to EFT.*

*A GOOD first experience with GOOD feelings is 100% simpler to do than to try and start with “releasing trauma” for a first introduction to any form of EFT!

If you are an existing EFT Practitioner and wish to add Positive EFT Practitioner to your qualifications, there is an additional fee of 50 euro which includes a year's Professional Membership of The AMT (Association for Meridian Therapies, UK).

It is necessary to have attended an introductory EFT workshop before progressing to Master Practitioner Training as it accustoms you to using EFT first-hand to gain personal experience of its benefits before working with clients.

"Think of powerful positive energy forms acting like a
wonderful waterfall in the energy system. Increase the flow rate
and dried up riverbeds spring to life; old dams and debris
that's piled up is simply washed away and
you're left with a vibrant, sparkling LIVING landscape
full of movement, full of flow, full of life."

For more information please contact Helen Ryle, Association of Meridian Therapies Certified Trainer, on 087 7734914 or . Pre-booking is essential.


EFT (emotional freedom techniques) Master Practitioner Training
3-day Energy EFT Tapping course (Levels 1,2 and 3)

The EFT Master Practitioner Certification Training Course is an entirely new training, written from the ground up by Dr Silvia Hartmann incorporating research, developments and experience from the last 14 years in the field of modern energy work including the Heart and Soul Protocol, the SUE scale for life beyong zero and up to plus 10, Events Psychology and the Aspects Model, EmoTrance, The Sixth Sense, Project Sanctuary...and much more.

This qualification is the new 'gold standard' set by the Association for Meridian Therapies (AMT). It contains the most up to date techniques and approaches for understanding the human energy system and the mastery of EFT. This course provides you with a clear, step-by-step path to assisting your clients in finding their way out of their problems and into enjoying the life they want to live.

The EFT Master Practitioner course is recommended for:
  • Existing EFT practitioners wishing to update to the latest developments, techniques and methods in the field;
  • Individuals who wish to become professional EFT practitioners;
  • Professional healers and therapists wishing to add modern EFT to their tool box of techniques;
  • Those who love EFT, are excited about its practice and  potential and wish to take EFT to the next level.

By understanding that EFT works with improving the flow of energy through the energy body, much more logical, clearly focused, specific and precise methods of applying EFT have come to light.

This brings about many benefits for practitioners in EFT as well as for self-help treatments, and these include:

  • A clear and cohesive theory on how EFT works and how and why EFT is to be applied;
  • A tremendous reduction in client AND practitioner stress across the board, leading to:
  • More elegant, gentle and powerful EFT treatments;
  • Faster results by targeting EFT interventions more precisely;
  • Better and deeper rapport between EFT practitioner and client (the EFTeam);
  • Better experiences for both EFT practitioner and client across the board;
  • Alleviation of problems including set up confusion and the Apex effect;
  • A whole array of brand new techniques, methods and approaches to applying EFT.

The EFT Master Practitioner Certification Course consists of 12 Units - Levels 1, 2 & 3 - covering the core skills of the modern master practitioner of EFT. The course will be run over two weekends, Levels 1 and 2 on the first weekend, then Level 3 and the optional Positive EFT And Practice Day on the second weekend. Please see the next dates in the sidebar on the right.

Click on the names in the audio player above to hear feedback from recent trainees
on the EFT Master Practitioner and Positive EFT Practitioner courses.

The course is structured over the 12 modules to take you through from the novice to advanced in an easy and understandable way so that each module builds on the skills learnt in the previous ones. There are 45 key core skills to be mastered before you can be certified and all 12 modules must be taken. Certification is by continuous assessment during the workshops, there is no examination to be taken.

Day 1: Discovering EFT

Stepping into your role as an Energist

How EFT works and explaining it clearly

The SUE scale and 'life beyond zero'

Energy flow and evolving any problem

2 - Reversing Energy Body Stress

Understanding 'stress talk' and not being distracted by it

De-stressing the client and building a stress free path to the problem

The EFTeam and practitioner-client working relationship

3 - The EFT Story

The EFT Story protocol

How to know what to tap for first and next

Identifying set-up phrases from the client's story

4 - The Professional EFT Practitioner

Working with EFT professionally

Records, handouts, home study materials

Taking responsibility for the client's well-being

Understanding and tapping in 'energy healer mode'

Day 2: Intermediate EFT

5 - Extremely Focused Treatments

Focusing EFT on specific memories and events

Understanding energy body memories and their physical component

Using the EFT Body protocol

How to conduct 'Secret Therapy' with your clients

6 - Working With Aspects

Understanding and explaining the aspect model to the client

How to use EFT for proxy tapping

Unravelling aspects for tapping

7 - Emotions & Energy

The connection between emotions and the energy system

Guiding the client to discover the emotion behind the problem

The Sixth Sense and language ofthe body

Working with chronic pain and residual pain

8 - Energy Body Events

Evolving unfinished events and event echoes

Spotting guiding stars and the problems with highlight events

Forensic EFT

Understanding Healing Events as important Events

Day 3: Advanced EFT

9 - Mind Changes

Understanding how beliefs are formed

Using EFT to evolve limiting beliefs

Installing positive beliefs with EFT

10 - Energetic Relationships

Relationships and energetic entities

Finding an energetic entity in a clients energy field

Helping the client change their relationship with the energetic entity

Working with group entities

11 - Autogenic Reality

Understanding the concept of the autogenic world where the conscious mind and energy mind meet

The power of working with metaphor and autogenic realities

Using EFT to work with a client's aspect inside the autogenic reality

Using EFT with global metaphor for the client's problem

12 - The EFT Master Practitioner

What is an EFT Master Practitioner

EFT Master Practitioner core skills review

The importance of loving your clients

Required reading before taking the course: Energy EFT: Next Generation Tapping & Emotional Freedom Techniques by Silvia Hartmann and Positive EFT by Silvia Hartmann

Therapists, practitioners, counsellors and mental health professionals - would you like to expand your skills and add exciting new tools to your therapeutic toolbox? If so you should attend a 3-day EFT Master Practitioner training course in Tralee, Co. Kerry to learn and practice using EFT in depth. You should have attended a one-day introductory workshop in EFT or be familiar with EFT and have used it successfully for yourself prior to attenting this training.

This in-depth and thorough training covers the syllabus of the Association of Meridian Therapies (The AMT) EFT Master Practitioner Certification. It is also useful for those who wish to use EFT for themselves or with friends and family in more depth and for a wider range of issues.

The EFT Master Practitioner course includes many opportunities
for working with your own energy reversals using new techniques,
new protocols and new exercises and teaches you
the most up-to-date concepts and protocols available in EFT today.

A comprehensive 280-page printed Manual is provided, also printed SUE Scale, and forms and resources to use for your own personal development work or with clients. The investment for the 3-day Master Practitioner training course is €495 and includes a year's professional membership of The Association for Meridian Therapies and Therapist Listing in the directory on The AMT website (value €75). Membership also includes free training downloads in the website member's area and discounts when purchasing books.

This qualification will enable you to obtain professional indemnity insurance from Holistic Insurance so that you can set up a practice with clients.

For more information please contact Helen Ryle, Association of Meridian Therapies Certified Trainer, on 087 7734914 or . Pre-booking for the workshops is essential.


Positive EFT and Practice Day - optional addition
to EFT Master Practitioner Training Course (day 4)

The optional 4th day of Master Practitioner Training is suitable for students and practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding and practice of EFT, and feel comfortable to use it confidently at an advanced level for themselves and with clients.

During the day we will explore and practice the new techniques of Positive EFT (see the course details here) and understand when and how to use Positive EFT.

We will also practice the EFT techniques you are already familiar with from the 3-day Master Practitioner training.

This workshop is an ideal opportunity to experience using EFT in a practical client setting in a supportive, supervised environment. You will receive feedback and advice from your trainer as you work through client problems step-by-step.

You will also have gained insight and understanding of your own challenges as well as learning new skills and how to approach problems and issues with clients. Imagine what this will do to improve your confidence in using EFT!

Master Practitioner students attending this course will gain acccreditation as a Positive EFT Practitioner. A printed copy of SilvIa Hartmann's book "Positive EFT" is included in the course fee, along with worksheets and handouts.

The investment for the 1-day upgrade and practice day is 150 including all materials and resources, plus a further year's professional membership of The AMT (value €75).

The pre-requisite for this 1-day practical workshop and practice day is to have completed the 3-day Master Practitioner Training.

For more information please contact Helen Ryle, Association of Meridian Therapies Certified Trainer, on 087 7734914 or . Pre-booking for the workshops is essential.


EFT TAPPING CIRCLE - Everybody Welcome

Whether you have just discovered EFT or are an experienced Practitioner working with clients, you are very welcome to join us for the Tralee EFT Tapping Circle held in Collis-Sandes House every second month, on a Wednesday from 7pm to 9.30pm.

This is a friendly, inclusive and supportive place to experience the power of group EFT, with support and advice from experienced practitioners. Whether you bring an issue of your own or a difficulty working with a friend or client's problems, we will offer advice and the benefit of our experience. You are welcome to do an individual swap session with a Tapping Circle participant or join in with the group discussions and tapping.

The fee to join us on a Tapping Circle meet-up is only €10 and you will come away with a clearer understanding of how to use EFT and will feel the benefits of improved energy flow from joining in with group EFT tapping.

Please see the next dates for the Tralee EFT Tapping Circle meet-up in the sidebar on the right.


Online EFT Peer Support and Mentoring for Practitioners

If you have gained an EFT qualification and would like advice and discussion about any aspect of using EFT with your clients or your own issues, you are very welcome to join me online every second month in a group conference call, on Thursday evenings from 7-9.30pm.

The aim of these online meetingsis to provide a supportive and helpful environment for EFT Practitioners where you can discuss issues freely, improve your skills with using EFT and assisting your clients in general, and benefit from group tapping.

On each bi-monthly group conference call we will:

  • Review and refresh EFT skills,
  • Have a general Q&A on using EFT on yourself and others,
  • Discuss and tap on issues coming up with your clients,
  • Support each other to discuss and tap on any personal blocks or issues.

We will be using the Skype conference calling to connect to each other as a group. Please contact me or ring me on 087 7734914 (00353 87 7734914 from outside Ireland) to arrange a Skype connection with the group.

The fee to join a group call from 7-9.30pm and discuss any client or personal queries or difficulties and benefit from the support and advice of the group is only €20.

Please see the next dates for online peer support and practitioner mentoring in the sidebar on the right.


THE AMT website contains a searchable database demonstrating the use of EFT with all types of physical and emotional problems. Also contains the growing body of research and scientific evidence for EFT.

Gary Craig, the originator of EFT, has re-developed his EFT website with an online manual which is work in progress.

The Tapping Solution

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Certified EFT Training
2016 Workshops

Please or ring 087 7734914 for course queries or to book your place.

EFT Tapping Training in Ireland
Dates to be announced
2016 courses postponed
due to health issues

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EFT Introduction Course
with Positive EFT
1-day workshop (Level 1)

Collis-Sandes House,
Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland
10am to 5.00pm

Course Fee
150 euro
(includes a printed copy of the Positive EFT Book)

Practitioner Certification
50 extra includes a year's membership of The AMT
EFT Introduction course details

EFT Master Practitioner
Certification Training Course
Collis-Sandes House
Killeen Road, Tralee,
Co. Kerry, Ireland

3-day training on 2 weekends
(Modules 1-8)
(Modules 9-12)
10am to 5.30pm

Course Fee
495 euro (€450 early bird)
(includes 288-page Manual
and 1 year's professional
membership of The AMT)
EFT Practitioner training details

Optional Addition
EFT Master Practice and Consolidation Sessions
with guidance
Course Fee
100 euro

The Association for Meridian Therapies (AMT)
Association of Meridian Therapies, UK

Your AMT Certified Trainer
in EFT & Meridian Therapies
Helen Ryle, MICHP

Helen Ryle, EFT Trainer

Helen is a practising therapist in County Kerry, Ireland. Helen uses EFT, hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy to help clients free themselves from whatever is holding them back in life. Find out more at Hypnotherapy Ireland.

Kind comments from EFT training course participants:

"Having studied EFT and Meridian Therapies with Helen, I can highly recommend her for her professionlism both during her workshops and afterwards as she goes that little bit further to assist her students.

The workshops are delivered to an excellent standard but also enjoyable as Helen interacts with each student personally. I am looking forward to studying with Helen again."

Breda W. (Co. Kerry)

"I attended the EFT Practitioner Course with Helen and the changes it has brought have been amazing. I am so excited about sharing the good news about EFT with people; clients, friends and family alike and feel confident now to utilise it in every area of my life that I feel could do with it. Helen is thoroughly inspiring and a brilliant teacher; I enjoyed every minute of the course."
Susan Browne,
Integrative Therapist, Co. Kerry

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